Article I. Office

MOAPPA may have an office at such place within Missouri as may be designated by the Executive Committee.

Article II. Purposes

The purposes of MOAPPA are to develop and maintain high standards in the administration, maintenance, operation, planning, and development of physical plants in institutions of higher education; to promote professional ideals and standards to better serve the objectives of higher education; and to engage in such other related activities as may be desirable or required to fulfill objectives of the association.

Article III. Membership

Membership in MOAPPA is institutional, with each member institution accorded equal status. To be eligible for membership, institutions shall meet requirements as defined below:

  1. Eligibility for Institutional Membership
    1. Eligibility for institutional membership in the MOAPPA shall be accorded representatives from institutions of higher education which require at least two years of academic credit for graduation and which have been legally granted the authority to award degrees, where such institutions meet the following criteria:
      1. The institution must be constituted with a governing board;
      2. The institution must be accredited or be in the process of being accredited by one or more. nationally recognized accreditation agencies;
      3. Academic credits granted by the institution must be acceptable toward the earning of a baccalaureate or higher degree by that institution, or by transfer to institutions which require four years of academic credit for graduation and which have been legally granted the authority to award certain degrees;
      4. The institution must operate an independent physical plant;
      5. The institution must maintain the position of a principal administrator directly paid by the institution and in charge of the physical plant or buildings and grounds of such institution.
    2. Eligibility for university or college system membership must inc1ude two or more institutions that meet eligibility requirements as defined in Article III.A. hereof. A qualified institutional member of MOAPPA will not be denied the right to membership because the institution is a part of a system of universities and colleges that also has a voting member in MOAPPA.
  2. Application for Institutional Membership
    1. To acquire and maintain membership, institutions shall have an Institutional Representative who meets the criteria established in the Bylaws, Article III.C.
    2. Application for institutional membership shall be made by the prospective Institutional Representative to the Membership Chair. The application will be screened by the Treasurer to ascertain that both the institution and the prospective Institutional Representative meet the qualifications. If the institution meets the qualifications but the prospective Institutional Representative does not, the application will be referred to the Executive Committee for decision. The Treasurer will notify the applicant of action taken on the application.
  3. Classification of Membership
    1. Institutional Representative Membership – The Institutional Representative shall be the official representative of the member institution. The Institutional Representative shall be the principal administrator directly paid by the institution and responsible for the physical plant of the institution or; in the case of a system, shall be the principal administrator directly paid by the system and responsible for the facilities management functions of the system. With the approval of the Executive Committee, a subordinate of the principal physical plant administrator may be the Institutional Representative of a member institution. Should the Institutional Representative change due to personnel changes in the member institution, the prospective Institutional Representative shall notify the Treasurer of the proposed change and the new employment status, and request to be designated the new Institutional Representative. Approval processing and authority shall be as with a new request, except that only the qualifications of the prospective new Institutional Representative will be evaluated. The application will be screened by the Treasurer to insure compliance with eligibility requirements. Institutional representatives are eligible to vote and are required to pay annual dues.
    2. Associate Membership – Subscribing members of MOAPPA shall be physical plant related professionals, administrative or supervisory, other than Institutional Representatives, and employed by member institutions, including systems. The application will be screened by the Treasurer to insure compliance with eligibility requirements. There are no limitations on the number of Associates from each member institution. Associates may hold elective office. Associates are eligible to vote and are required to pay annual dues.
    3. Subscribing Membership – Subscribing members of MOAPPA shall be professional personnel employed by businesses that have an objective or purpose similar to or related to physical plant administration. Each branch office shall be considered an individual business. The application will be screened by the Treasurer to insure compliance with eligibility requirements. Subscribing members cannot hold elective or appointive office, cannot vote, but are required to pay subscribing membership dues.
    4. Emeritus Membership – Emeritus Membership is granted to CAPPA members who have retired in good standing and whose written application for Emeritus Membership has been approved by the Treasurer. Emeritus members may participate in Annual Meetings, are entitled to receive all MOAPPA mailings, may serve in appointive offices, and are eligible to vote, and do not pay annual dues.
    5. Honorary Membership – Honorary Membership shall be bestowed on any person deemed worthy of this honor whether or not they are now or ever have been engaged in physical plant work or a member of MOAPPA, CAPPA, APPA, or any regional or state association. Honorary membership shall require annual approval by the Executive Committee. Honorary members cannot hold elective or appointive office, cannot vote, and do not pay annual dues.
  4. Annual Dues
    1. The amount of annual dues to be paid by Institutional Representatives, Associates, and Subscribing members shall be as approved by a majority of the members present and voting. Changes will normally be recommended to the membership by the Executive Committee. All changes will be announced to the membership prior to invoicing. Dues shall be payable by November first of each year and shall be considered delinquent ninety days thereafter.
    2. Since the dues paid for the Institutional Representative establishes and maintains institutional membership, the period for which the dues are paid is not affected by a change in Institutional Representatives in accordance with Article III. herein.
    3. Should an Associate relocate from one member institution to another, the period for which their dues have been paid shall continue in the former institution. Additionally, a replacement Associate from the former institution that meets eligibility criteria, may be approved for the remainder of the period for which the dues have been paid.
    4. Exhibitors at an Annual Meeting shall be provided two Subscribing Memberships for the period up to but not including the following Annual Meeting.
    5. Another individual within the same office may replace subscribing members who terminate their relationship with MOAPPA.
  5. Resignation from Membership
  6. Any member of MOAPPA may withdraw from such membership at any time by giving written notice to the Treasurer. Such resignation shall take effect upon receipt of such notice. There shall be no refund of dues.

  7. Revocation or Termination of Membership
  8. Any member of MOAPPA may have such membership revoked or terminated by affirmative vote of the Executive Committee whenever in its judgment the best interest of MOAPPA will thereby be served. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a member of MOAPPA shall be dropped from the membership rolls of MOAPPA for:

    1. Failure to pay dues after having been sent three notices or
    2. Loss of eligibility under the criteria enumerated in Article III. herein.
  9. Reinstatement of Membership
  10. The Executive Committee may reinstate a revoked or terminated individual membership or a revoked or terminated institutional membership upon appropriate action.

Article IV. Meetings of Members

  1. Annual Meeting
    An Annual Meeting of the membership of MOAPPA shall be held within the State of Missouri. The Annual Meeting is to be held for the purpose of transacting business that may be brought before the meeting.
  2. Meeting Guidelines
    1. The Annual Meeting will include a business meeting at an appropriate time. The outgoing President will conduct the business meeting up to the point of New business, at which time the incoming President will assume responsibility for conducting the remainder of the meeting. The first order of new business will be the election of new officers.
    2. The Vice President may request an advance from MOAPPA’s treasury of up to one thousand dollars. Additional requests for funds may be made to the Executive Committee. The host shall make a financial report of the meeting income and disbursements. This report shall be submitted to the Treasurer for Executive Committee approval within six months following the meeting. Residual monies shall be turned in to the Treasurer with the report. In case of a deficit, application for reimbursement by MOAPPA will be submitted to the Executive Committee.
  3. Notification of Annual Meeting
    1. The proposed program, meeting dates, and budget shall be submitted to the Executive Committee no later than six months in advance of the proposed meeting.
    2. Notices of the meeting from the vice President shall be mailed following approval by the Executive Committee on the following schedule:
      1. First mailing--five months prior to the meeting. The mailing should include meeting dates and location.
      2. Second mailing--no later than eight weeks prior and no sooner than twelve weeks prior to the meeting date. This mailing should include detailed information regarding the meeting. (Program, motel reservation forms, promotional literature, etc.)
      3. Third mailing--four weeks prior to the meeting date mail a reminder to all members who have not responded to the second mailing.
    3. The Treasurer shall furnish all mailing lists to the Vice President.
  4. The Meeting Budget
    The Vice President shall establish a meeting budget. This budget shall include a registration fee, which will cover all required items such as coffee breaks, tours for members, etc. There shall be a separate registration fee for guests-of-members program expenses. This proposed budget shall be submitted to the Executive Committee for approval at the same time the program material is submitted.
  5. Procedure and Order of Business
    1. Parliamentary rules, as stated in Robert’s Rules of Order, shall govern the procedure of the Business Meeting. The Immediate Past President shall act as Parliamentarian and shall explain voting rights and procedures.
    2. The Order of the MOAPPA Business Meeting shall be as follows:
      1. Reading and/or approval of minutes of the previous meeting. Reading of the minutes may be dispensed with if copies of the minutes have been distributed to members prior to the meeting.
      2. Report of the Treasurer.
      3. Report of the vice President.
      4. Reports of any Special Committees.
      5. Unfinished Business.
      6. Report of outgoing President and passing of gavel.
      7. New Business
        1. Selection of place for the next succeeding Annual Meeting.
        2. Election of Officers
        3. Any other business or discussion from the floor.
      8. Adjournment.
  6. Annual Report
    The Annual Report is a current reference document for use by members and is a permanent record of the activities of MOAPPA for the year. It shall include the following minimum contents:
    1. All available program presentations from the Annual Meeting.
    2. Lists of members and guests attending the Annual Meeting.
    3. Official minutes of all Business Meetings.
    4. Names of members serving on the MOAPPA Executive Committee, CAPPA offices, and on APPA boards and committees.
    5. A summary description of the current dues structure.
    6. An annual financial report.
    7. A current membership list showing individuals names, institutions, and address, etc. information.
    8. List of Past Presidents and meeting sites.

Article V. Finances

  1. General Fund
    All income from membership dues and all income from other sources shall be deposited in the general fund of MOAPPA and shall be available to pay the expenses of MOAPPA.
  2. Bonds and Audits
    Executive Committee shall provide for all fiscal arrangements and may require audits and/or bonds for officers of MOAPPA charged with handling funds.
  3. Publications
    1. The President shall submit the Annual Report to the Executive committee within six months of the last Annual Meeting. The Annual Report will be copied and available to the membership at the next Succeeding Annual Meeting.
  4. Fiscal Year
    The MOAPPA fiscal year shall extend from March 1 through February 28(29}.

Article VI. Administrative Organization

  1. Officers/Executive Committee
    1. The Officers/Executive Committee of CAPPA shall be the President, Vice President, Secretary- Treasurer, and Immediate Past President. Each shall be a member in good standing of MOAPPA.
    2. Power and Duties
      1. Shall rule on questions of policy which arise between Annual Meetings; Shall authorize appropriate expenditures from the treasury;
      2. Shall approve dates of Annual Meetings after the recommendation of the First Vice President;
      3. At all meetings of the Executive Committee, three of its members, including either the President or Vice President, shall constitute a quorum. Each member is entitled to one vote. Proxy voting will not be permitted. In the event of a tie vote, the President shall break the tie.
    3. No member of MOAPPA shall simultaneously hold more than one office on the Executive Committee.
  2. The President
    1. The Vice President shall automatically become President following service the preceding year as Vice president, provided still a member in good standing in MOAPPA; shall assume office as President at the Annual Meeting; and shall serve a term of one year or until the next Annual Meeting.
    2. Power and Duties
      1. Shall be the executive officer and shall be responsible for the general supervision and direction of the affairs of the association and shall preside at the Annual Meeting;
      2. Shall have the authority to appoint committees of MOAPPA not otherwise provided for and shall advise the Executive Committee of the appointments. Also shall develop and provide a budget to the Treasurer prior to the obligation of any funds required by the committees;
      3. Shall serve as Chair of the Executive Committee during term of office;
      4. Shall, in the event of a vacancy among the members of the Executive Committee, with concurrence of a majority of the remaining committee members appoint a replacement. Notice of such appointments shall be given to all committee members in writing;
      5. Shall provide the Treasurer a written budget for any activity regarding expenditure of funds prior to obligations of any funds;
      6. Shall be responsible for compiling the Annual Report and making copies available to the Membership.
  3. The Vice President
    1. Election
      1. Nominees for the office of Vice President shall be those Institutional Representatives applying for the office, which includes the commitment to host the annual meeting one-year after the annual meeting at which elected. This commitment need not involve the nominee’s own campus of home city. It is permissible for the nominee to collaborate with another MOAPPA member to co-host the annual meeting at another location. It must be clearly understood, however, which of the co-hosts is the nominee for the office of Vice President.
      2. The Vice President shall be elected at the Annual Meeting by a majority vote, shall assume office at the Annual Meeting, and shall serve a term of one year or until the next Annual Meeting.
    2. Power and Duties
      1. Shall be responsible for the program and handle all arrangements for the Annual Meeting;
      2. Shall accept the office of President following term of office as Vice President;
      3. Shall be a member of the Executive Committee;
      4. Shall submit to the Treasurer an itemized written financial report of the expenditures necessary for conducting the Annual Meeting and shall remit any surplus funds to the Treasurer or, upon approval of the Executive Committee, shall be reimbursed from MOAPPA treasury for any costs above the funds collected at the Annual Meeting;
      5. Shall, in the absence of the President, perform the duties of the President as herein stated;
      6. Shall, in the event of a vacancy in the office of President, serve as President as herein stated until a new President is named by the Executive Committee to serve out the unexpired term.
  4. The Secretary-Treasurer
    1. The Secretary-Treasurer shall be elected on even numbered years at the Annual Meeting by a majority vote, provided the candidate is a member in good standing of MOAPPA; shall assume the office at the close of the Annual Meeting; shall serve a term of two years; and may be re-elected to serve more than one term.
    2. Power and Duties
      1. Shall record and maintain the minutes of the Annual Meeting and of the Executive Committee meetings;
      2. Shall, under the direction of the President, be responsible for all records of MOAPPA and shall serve as the MOAPPA Historian;
      3. Shall be responsible for conducting the correspondence of the association;
      4. Shall be a member of the Executive Committee;
      5. Shall, in a timely fashion, assist the President in providing information for the Annual Report.
      6. Shall receive and account for all funds turned over from the Annual Meeting and all dues or other monies collected or due the association;
      7. Shall invoice for and receive all dues;
      8. Shall disperse all funds for expenditures as authorized in writing by the President or the Executive Committee and shall be authorized to disperse funds for normal operating expenses as required;
      9. Shall receive and take approval action on applications for membership.

Article VII. Professional Affliation

To broaden the effectiveness of MOAPPA and for the professional enhancement of its members, MOAPPA may at the direction of the Executive Committee exchange professional information, publications, etc. with other professional organizations or affiliations.

  1. These Bylaws may be amended at any Annual Business Meeting by a majority vote of the members present and voting, without previous notice.
  2. The Secretary-Treasurer may make minor changes to the Bylaws to correct spelling and grammatical errors provided such changes do not alter the meaning of the Bylaws and are approved by the Executive Committee at its next regular meeting.

Revised 2/6/03